ß Capture (Seaside Pictures, #1) ☆ Download by Þ Rachel Van Dyken

ß Capture (Seaside Pictures, #1) ☆ Download by Þ Rachel Van Dyken 3.
5 STARS This was cute and sweet NA romance by Rachel Van Dyken, although it feltof a YA to me.
Dannae Dani Garcia , seventeen years old 17 hasn t spoken a word since 8 months She lost her voice, oraccurately the ability to talk after an horrific experience.
She lost her parents in a car crash and has been living with her sister and brother in law, both famous movie stars.
Preparing for a new movie, her sister and brother in law bargain with her to accept a job for the summer to be the Personal Assistant to the newest Hollywood heart throb, Lincoln Greene.
The blurb sounded promising and entertaining and I sincerely enjoyed myself for a while, the story reuniting a few of every girl s fantasies gorgeous men everywhere, Hollywood movie star, Cinderella complex I truly loved the banter between Lincoln and Dani, the text messaging conversations and the build Regardless of whether it s the second, third, or fourth time, kissing you, even if it s during a scene, and I m acting It feels like the most real thing in my existence Lincoln Greene Was Gorgeous It s that simple He has a magic way about him Maybe call it celebrity magic, I don t know I liked him I enjoyed him And I loved watching him fall in love Dani s been through a whirlwind of hurt in her past Some seriously traumatic events causing her to have some issues preventing her from doing things No worries though, Hollywood magic is here to cure all that, right I did enjoy this fast pace, fall in love over night, story It was a little fast but this author makes it believable It was amazing to see a slew of her characters come back and ma Losing Your Ability To Speak At The Age Of Seventeen It S Not Normal Or FairBut Trauma, Has A Way Of Throwing Normality Out The WindowDani Lives Anything But A Normal LifeHer Sister Is Married To One Of The Biggest Names In HollywoodHer Best Friends Are Rockstar Duo ADAnd She Has Love Around Her Than Most People Experience In A LifetimeBut That Doesn T Change The Fact Their Parents Are DeadOr That It S Her FaultIt Seems Her New Normal Is Being A Mute, Living On The Inside, Unable To Actually Communicate On The OutsideThat Is Until Hollywood S Newest Heartthrob Lincoln Greene Hires Her As His Assistant For The SummerHe S Gorgeous, Completely Unavailable, And UnobtainableBut That Doesn T Stop Her From Wonderingif Things Were Differentwould He Want Her If She Was Whole, Would He Be The Other Half Currently 05 23 2017 free It s sweet, funny and sexy A lighthearted and touching new adult romance I didn t want to end and cemented my Rachel Van Dyken fan girl status.
PTSD is not exclusive to military combat and Dani could tell you all about it, if she could talk The trauma of losing her parents and surviving has changed her inways than one It left her full of hurt, regret, shame, and feeling disconnected especially without the ability to speak And even with all the love her sister and her extended and very famous family give her is not enough to break through, until the stunningly attractive and charismatic Lincoln Greene hires her as his assistant, gives her acceptance and treats her without kid glo This was an enjoyable, easy read Although this can be read as a stand alone, I would recommend reading the other novels in the Seaside series to get a real feel for the background characters Each character has a very unique sense of humor, so it made this book all theentertaining Looking forward to Zane s story 3,5 STARSI read this book second and read Keep me first, so I kinda knew the ending of this book but I still wanted to know Dani and Lincoln s story I admit, it wasn t as good as Zane s story but still quite enjoyable.
Big name actor meets small town teen girl, what could possibly go wrong, right Well, let s just say a lot Given the tragic history of how Dani came to be mute and what role Lincoln played in all that was just so sad to watch it all unfold the way it did Dani can t seem to move on from her past and her remaining family is trying to do everything they can to make her want to live a happy life again And that s where Lincoln comes in, since he needs an assistant at the set of his new movie They both seem to kinda like each other but one, she s not the legal age two, he s a big name actor ma Are you a Seaside series fan If the answer isthen you ve probably already read this novel or you are about to read it so I m not going to waste my breath for you or better said my fingers P But if your answer isthen you probably haven t read the series and have no idea what I m talking about That s ok because I haven t read them either P It s been on my TBR list for a while but I just haven t gotten around to reading it maybe because it s YA and sounds like a love triangle it s going on in the first book P.
So this is where my journey begins because this book gave me a taste of the hot and famous studs from Seaside and now I just have to have But enough about those series Capture brings back some of the character from the previous series but focuses mainly on the journey of some characters that wheresecondary Dani is a selective mut

I can always depend on Van D for an A rom com Free w KU So, this is a spinoff from a different series, which I haven t yet read and that aren t available on KU But, I gather that the supporting cast here were all featured in their own books I love the supporting cast Hilariously fun makeshift family of rockers and actors I need a Zane and a bag of marshmallows ASAP FMC is a month from 18 MMC is 22 years old The female MC has tragedy and a lifestyle that makes herold for her age , but she still has those little teenager moments to add authenticity to her age without making her too immature for the story Given the h s age, this isn t a steamer with hot and heavily detailed sex scenes the lack of steam us 3.
5 Stars It s interesting that even in books, powerful events affect different characters to a degree that is only determined by their personalities, histories, etc After a traumatic event, Dani lost her voice On her own, she came across as sassy and sarcastic, even when only through text Lincoln is a Hollywood heartthrob and friend to Dani s brother in law He was sexy and funny Sweet and protective I liked how they were together despite Lincoln s understandable apprehension to her age I know some folks don t like underage heroines but she s 17, weeks away from 18 He s 22 I didn t see an issue with it Hell, I ve been married to my hubby since exactly that age Poor Linc tries to stay away but the force is strong with this one, young Padawan The story was funny, as I expected The plot was so so for me There was just something about Dani s trauma that didn t sell me I defi Listened to Audio 11 15 17 Get it hereUSUK3.
5 Lovey Dovey StarsDani s parents died in an accident that she thinks is her fault and ever since then she hasn t been the same She became depressed, stopped leaving the house, stopped eating, and eventually stopped speaking Being mute at seventeen, the time she s supposed to be living her life to the fullest, isn t fair or easy Her life is going nowhere, until Lincoln Greene shows up and hires her as his assistant.
Lincoln is instantly drawn to the girl in ripped jeans and too clean converse and wants to see her happy He makes it his mission to get her living again but he has to keep reminding himself she is only seventeen, too young for him But when competition shows up and starts to steal Dani s attent

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