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Download Epub Format ☆ Cheater (Curious Liaisons, #1) PDF by ↠´ Rachel Van Dyken 4 Don t Pre Judge This Book By It s Title Starsor it s synopsis The prologue drew me in hook, line and sinker I couldn t wait to find out if what Lucas said was true He told me straight up, I will hate him and I will laugh He also told me I will understand Is this cheater possibly redeemable I mean, seriously, the night before his wedding his fianc e finds him in bed with her sister, and he thinks I am going to understand Let me tell you, this is one entertaining read I enjoyed Lucas and Avery s story and discovering why Lucas became a cheater I could not put this book down, and the humorous conversations had me in tears laughing Manwhore is too endearing of a term for Lucas Thorn these days He has a different girl in his bed everynight of the week It is no secret All the women who come and go know the drill, know the rules, and he will be darned if they are going to make h This review will be brutally honest Our motto is to always be 100% forthcoming about our thoughts on a certain novel, so you want mine Here you go Now don t yell at me, even if you don t agree You know who I love Rachel Van Dyken I haven t read her mafia series but the books of hers that I have read are all fun and easy going except Ruin I forgot about that one , guaranteed to have you crying from laughter and to keep a huge smile on your face It s safe to say that when going into Cheater, I expected the same Even from her first chapter or in this case a prologue , RVD certainly has one hell of a hook Avery is such a little spitfire at the beginning, I really liked her, even early on In no time she was airing out her thoughts and had no qualms about calling Lucas out on his crap I love when a heroine can do 4.
5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by AuthorOne day you were my friend, and then you became something completely different Because I wanted you Because even when it was wrong and you were only seventeen years old I wanted youIt s been a while since I read a book where the subject of cheating was the main theme of the story There s only been one cheater that I rooted for to get the girl in the end but that man definitely deserved a swift kick in the nuts for his infidelities Lucas Thorne, however, is acheaterthat will slowly but surely win your heart as you progress through the pages of this thoroughly engaging story At first, I was thinking this guy is a real douche and there s no way I m going to end up liking this boo The title itself is cringe worthy, right I told myself that I would make no assumptions and while some parts remained reprehensible to me, others offered some context and perspective This book takes us out of our comfort zone and I think that s why I could read it objectively It goes without saying that our hero is flawed Lucas takes man whoring to the next level But he has layers and there s just something about him that made me keep reading Perhaps the lure of the seemingly irredeemable Avery was cute, sassy and funny She has her own heap of flaws but I was rooting for her The plot is complex, convoluted, and frankly, jacked up, but life is messy as hell More than anything, it felt like a snapshot of a messy reality and it felt fresh and different for it So with that said, safety gang friends THIS IS NOT SAFE FOR YOU view spoiler Hero is affianced to the hero and i tried Honest to God i did But even if i could look at the plot as a comedy of awkward situations cause that s how it all started when the main character Lucas Thorn was just one step from marrying Kayla Black, his high school sweetheart BUT instead of doing that, he got smashed drunk and ended up in bed with the oldest sister Brooke, who is an evil psycho, when he was actually in love with the third, and the youngest sister Avery.
So since he wasn t man enough to confess the truth, families were destroyed, lives shattered, leaving a lot of people hurt with betrayal and guilt.
So now, Lucas Thorne is living up every man s dirty dream having a different woman every day on a schedule it s not cheating cause they all know of each other and they are fine with the agreement arra

75 3 StarsARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 4,5 Thorn in my side stars Hating him was difficult Being attracted to him was inevitableWell, this was an interesting, very crazy, with lots of fun ride The story was a little bit absurd and the characters crazy as hell, but that was a very enjoyable compinationI really had fun while i was learning the story of Lucas Thorn and Avery BlackThis is my story You will hate it You will hate meLucas Thorn is a cheater He didn t born that way but he was made And everything started when he was caught cheating his future wife with her sister a day before his wedding Now, after four years, Lucas is a professional cheater No, forget what you are already thinking His situation is different He has a girl for every day of week, except SundayLucas doesn t think that he is cheat What is this, middle schoolDear fellow readers, I didn t pick that particular quote randomly I didn t pick it because I found it funny I picked it because it represents perfectly what and how I feel about this book.
Also, I think this rant ahem, I mean review, is super rambly and mostly some kind of spoilery, so feel free to ignore it and go straight to the last line I m kinda biased saying this, but I wouldn t miss the chance It d be a pity to skip it, coz I really put all the snarkiness I could gather in this rant view, and we all know that sarcasm driven speeches are always the best Anyway, since we re living in a world where sometimes things like these are not clear enough, remember this is my opinion and I ve got absolutely nothing against people who liked this book After all, variety is the spice of life Those of you who are aware of my reading Let me just start by saying that if you can get over the fact that this hero is a man whore who has sex with a different girl every day of the week except Sundays then you might actually end up loving this book just like I did Because the real point is trying to understand what made him this way and believe me you will At one point in time, say, in high school, Lucas has found himself in a relationship with a girl And then the years went by and he found himself being engaged to her Well, because it s sort of what was expected Change is hard, people The struggle is real But then, say, there s his fiance s little sister Who he s been hanging out with And may be became best friends with And eventually fell in love with So what do you do when you re marrying the wrong sister Well, in case of Lucas Thorn here, you fuck up royally An Lucas Thorn Wasn T Born A Cheater All It Took Was A Single Moment Say, A Certain Disastrous Incident On The Night Before His Wedding And Boom Reputation Destroyed Forever And Always So Now He Owns It He Has A Lady Friend For Every Night Of The Week Except Sundays God S Day And All , And His Rules Are Simple No Commitments No ExceptionsBut A Certain Smart Mouthed, Strawberry Blonde Vixen Is About To Blow That All To HellAvery Black Has Never Forgiven Lucas For Cheating On Her Sister And Suddenly Being Forced To Work With Him Is Pretty Much A Nightmare On Steroids Of Course, It Does Afford Her The Opportunity To Make His Life As Difficult As Possible But No Good Revenge Scheme Comes Without Payback Because He Didn T Become The Lucas Thorn Without Learning A Few Things About WomenNow Avery S Lust For Vengeance Has Turned Into, Well, Lust And If Lucas Stops Cheating, It S Definitely Not Because He S Falling In Love

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