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[Rachel Van Dyken] ✓ Dirty Exes (Liars, Inc., #1) [crochet PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Thanks again to Skyscape for sending me an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review When Blaire finds out that her husband cheated on her with her best friend, she s devasted By chance, she meets Isla who s also just found out she has a cheating husband They become friends and decide to start a company called Dirty Exes Private Investigation On behalf of wary wifes and husbands they investigate their partners and try to catch them cheating or try to seduce them themselves But then they get a new request which turns out to be a lotcomplicated for Blaire than she thought at first The husband accused of cheating is none other than the guy she calls the one that got away Dirty Exes was an am Apparently, this new series is a spin off of the Wingmen Inc series Blaire, the heroine in this book is Ian s Matchmakers Playbook sister Now no worries, you don t have to read the previous series to understand this book, it completely stands alone I myself haven t, but since I really enjoyed this one, I will probably go back and fix that PNow, what I loved most about this book, is that it made me laugh For me this was really one of those feel good stories.
That doesn t mean nothing happend, or that I didn t get frustrated at times, but the overal feeling for me was joy Blaire has a pretty awesome job She owns half of Dirty Exes , which is a PI firm, that specializes in you guessed it.
catching dirty cheaters in the act Her and her best friend started the firm, after being fucked over by their exes Now they are getting evenone dirtba NOW LIVEUSUK Dirty Exes follows Blaire, Ian s sister from The Matchmaker s Playbook, as she makes it her life goal to expose the cheaters out there Her PI firm dedicates itself to only one type of case, cheaters, and she ll do just about anything to catch them in the act But her new assignment brings her face to face with Jessie, her ex who left her to chase his dream It s not going to be easy to treat him like just another job, but luckily his best friend, Colin isthan willing to help her spy One impossible job, two men she s attracted to, and someone is about to get exposed I absolutely adored this book It had me cracking up at some of the situations Blaire found herself in and I just loved how fun it was The book never lost that lightness it had and it kept a smile on my face the entire time I was reading For me, it wasn t really a surprise how the ending turned out but the Same old manwhore and a heroine with bad self esteem.
4 stars What a fun,sweet and lighthearted story Dirty Exes was exactly what I needed after reading three emotional books.
From the first pages I have a smile in my face and I loved the story line so much.
The characters were lovely and the romance was perfect I like the multiple POVS , it was nice getting in their heads and see what they are thinking.
I m looking forward for the next book If you are looking for a great story,a steamy romance and a brilliant plot this is perfect

Find all of my reviews at StarsIn an effort to provide full disclosure, you should all take note that when it comes to Rachel Van Dyken books, I usually look a little something like this Please note that I do not know this woman at all and she s probably a little terrified of me by now because I declare my giant girlcrush on her pretty much all the time, but she is definitely an instant request for me at this point That doesn t mean I m a pushover when it comes to handing out the Starzzzzz, though, so don t get it twisted I ve high starred and low starred and everywhere in the middle starred her stuff Our first meeting with Blaire, the female lead in Dirty Exes, goes a little something like thisBad news is, the end goal of crawling through a p Outwardly, a scorned PI dedicated to embarrassing cheaters might not sound like the best backdrop for a love triangle But Rachel Van Dyken provides a funny, sexy and sweet read while successfully launching the first in her Liars, Inc series.
When Jessie Beckett left Blaire to pursue his NFL career, she tried to move on but ended up marrying a cheating douche canoe she soon divorced Now Dirty Exes, her firm dedicated to catch and humiliate cheaters in the act, has been hired to investigate none other than Jessie A difficult task given the fact that she never got over him His best friend Colin though, is willing to help sort of Mostly he s been flirting with her from the moment they met while she was spying on Jessie in Colin s hotel Both men want her She s got sweet history with one and an incredible attract Song for summary Jessie s Girl by Rick SpringfieldA captivating read The characters are cynical, fierce, and protective while the plot is an emotional and seductive tale about the insecurities that arise around those we love most A broken past, a former NFL player, a manipulative ex wife, a man bun, a snake tattoo, and two anti men private investigators will take you on a wild ride that shows just how complicated love can be A sexy and fun novel Dirty Exes confirms once again why Rachel Van Dyken continues to be one of my favourite authors of all time.
5 She Was Mine Stars ARC provided by Skyscape The Dirty Exes is the first book in the Liars, Inc series, and it centers around Blaire who is the sister of Ian Hunter from The Matchmaker s Playbook Blaire lives in LA, and doesn t have the best track record with men She met a gorgeous guy named Jessie Beckett who she dated for three weeks before it all ended He was traded to Pittsburgh to play football, and chose his career over her Then she rebounded into a marriage that ended in disaster The only good thing to come out of all her man troubles was meeting her best friend and business partner Isla They bonded over both being women scorned and started Dirty Exes Private Investigators where they make it their mission to serve justice to cheaters They get proof for thei They Re Serving Up Some Red Hot Revenge A Sizzling Series FromNew York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken Blaire Has Never Quite Gotten Over Jessie Beckett, The Ex NFL Star Whose Kisses Were Hot Enough To Ignite The Entire Eastern Seaboard When He Chose Work Over Her, Blaire Was Left Brokenhearted Why Else Would She Have Married A Skeezy Two Timer, Just To Divorce Him Less Than A Year Later Now Blaire Is Getting Even By Becoming One Half Of Dirty Exes, A PI Firm Fully Committed To Humiliating Cheating Jerks If Only The New Jerk She S Been Hired To Uncover Wasn T Jessie Beckett HimselfExposing Jessie Isn T Going To Be Easy, Especially When She Still Daydreams About His Sexy Smile Further Complicating Matters Is Colin, Jessie S Best Friend He S Gorgeous, A Little Bit Cunning, And Willing To Help Blaire Get The Inside Scoop On Jessie For A PriceNow Caught Between Two Men One Totally Right And The Other Totally Wrong Blaire Will Need To Decide Just How Much She S Willing To Risk And Whom She S Willing To Risk It For

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