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↠´ Read ↠´ Elect (Eagle Elite, #2) by Rachel Van Dyken ✓ Ok so here goes It picks up where we left off after Elite The Sicilians are coming Scary Sicilians The mystery still exists who killed Trace s parents and what the hell are they going to do.
This book is in 3 peoples point of view, Nixon, Chase, and Phoenix Yes I said Phoenix You think you know his whole thing, but you don t and I came to love his voice So, You still have the story line of two guys in love with the same girl But Nixon and Trace are together Romeo and Juliet They are scared but they have each other Until threats against her are made and Chase makes a decision and blurts out that Trace and He are together So they have to pretend to be a couple to save everyone s lives and give time for Nixon and company to figure out who killed her parent s.
Chase is all like, Oh n Smart and sexy How did I get so lucky Wow, cocky and a killer How did I get so lucky The story kills off perfectly from Elite, but somewhere all the way I don t know where to fit the prologue in Hmmm Nixon comes to face to face all this challenges and is near in answering all the questions he needed an answer But he has to make a sacrifice by underplaying his love Well, there is Chase, of course, who loves Tracey too and acts as her bodyguard How can they survive this Chase and Nixon, both you of are so charming Tracey, on the hand, needed a kick I just felt she made her love cheap and shakes headno words from me I feel like shouting use your brains not hormones Let s forget Tracey, this book was such a brilliant read The action and the answers we need are answered The things that people do to keep their family safe Bring on Chase next He deserved the best 3 ARC provided b So I m the type of reader that hates love triangles, because someone is always bound to get hurt There s no question about whether or not this book is a love triangle We have two heroes who are both in love with the heroine and a heroine who s not so sure who she lovethan the other I despised Trace in this book for absolutely no reason, because I felt she should be loyal to Nixon But the events that happened in this book made for an extremely difficult situation So while I felt Trace should be with Nixon, Chase was probably the best choice But I felt like Chase and Trace weren t meant for each other, even though I prefer Chase to Nixon.
This is why I don t read love triangles, people My favourite characterA This is book two out of Rachel Van Dyken s series, and my attention is caught The first book was an ok read for me but Elect captured me, and I am now a huge fan of this series There were so many secrets that began to surface in this story, and so many questions that I had A love triangle did develop, and I can honestly that usually I do not enjoy any story with a love triangle in it but with everything going on, it was impossible not like the book anyway Seeing as this is an ongoing series, there isn t a lot of details I want to say, as I would hate to ruin any part of the storyline for readers The most that I will say is that this is a must read series If you are interested in mafia storyline s, then this is a series you need to read.
I will expand my review at a later date but I am definitely continuing on to the next book in the series 3,75 Frustating stars Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a futureAnd that was the reason that it took me three years to finally read the second book of the Eagle Elite series I knew that this would happen and i didn t like it Nopeeeeee.
But damn it, Mrs Van Dyken is giving usandbooks of these people and i want to learn everyone s story so badlySo, i put my big girl s pants and i dove in and it was both heaven and hell BahahahaRachel Van Dyken knows how to write wonderful stories full of action and suspense The pace in here was so quick that sometimes, i was trying hard to catch up with the plot, but i loved it So why the low rating The romance frustrated the hell out of meI really love all the characters in here and i want the

1 I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES WITH THE FIRE OF 1000 SUNS StarsAn accurate gif of me after finishing this book I went into this book knowing there was a love triangle meaning I knew that Chase, the cousin and best friend, had feelings for Trace What I did not know is that by the end of the book, she would also have feelings for Chase and would in fact, CHOOSE CHASE OVER NIXON, PUTTING HIM FIRST Yes, yes, she thought Nixon was dead but this was 2 FUCKING DAYS LATER She s all lovey dovey with Chase, kissing on him, etc.
, 2 days after the love of her life died No I don t think so.
Basically, Nixon has to have Chase pretend to be Trace s boyfriend to protect her from the Sicilians, thinking they will kill her if they know she belongs to Nixon Chase, meanwhile is in love with Trace and wishes she was his Trace, at this point is clueless about Chase 5 Star Crossed Lovers stars for the story and 4 stars for the narration This mafia new adult series, which will also appeal to YA romance lovers, keeps getting better and better So many secrets, so many intersecting past connections and the need to fulfill the most basest of human nature needs to find true love and acceptance among the chaos of this dangerous, power hungry, mafia world Amid all this danger, who will succeed in finding their HEA When you re the head of your mafia family, anyone you love becomes a primary target Nixon Abandonato has learned this the hard way by finally capitulating to his feelings for Tracey Rooks, the granddaughter of the boss of his family s biggest mafia rival Tracey too has made her decision, and it s Nixon who she wants to be with We don t always get what we want however, and mafia members, in 4.
25 StarsI loved Elite, so I couldn t wait to jump in with Elect, but the moment I read the prologue, which I soon found out it was a chapter towards the end of the book I became very upset Here s the thing with me, I do not like reading the ending at the beginning of the book I wish authors would put a warning and say HEY GUYS I put the ending right here, to get you hooked and maybe indirectly piss you off Then I wouldn t be so upset every time I come across that So I got upset and put it off for a few days I read a few books in between and finally I got my mind back on track and said to myself, Oh Jacqueline, put on some big girl pants and just read the book And I did and it wasn t what I expected.
Another thing about me, I do not like love triangles, BUT I am warming up to them I use to not read them unless I didn t know about it, but I knew there wo I don t think I ve ever changed books on my Kindle as fast as I went from Elite to this one The second I read the last sentence of that I was racing to get to this book and find out what RVD was going to do next I had heard there was going to be a love triangle involved in the story, and then I figured that out on my own from reading Elite, so I was nervous to see how exactly that would play out Triangles are far from my favorite thing and there has been multiple books I ve avoided because of that, but with these characters is was actually okay I never got annoyed with them, and there wasn t even really a lot of drama that surrounded them because of the relationship, which I was very thankful for I still really enjoyed gettingfrom these characters, though even by the end of this book Would You Die For The One You Love Nixon Abandonato Made His Choice And Now He Has To Pay The Price Tracey Is The Love Of His Life, But Being With Him Has Made Her A Target Of His Family S Enemies The Only Way To Keep Trace Alive Is Convince The World She Means Nothing To Him Trace Rooks Has Fallen Irrevocably In Love With The Son Of Her Family S Sworn Rival, And She Knows In Her Bones Nothing Can Tear Them Apart Until Nix Suddenly Pushes Her Away And Into The Arms Of His Best Friend But Trace Isn T Ready To Give Up On A Future With Nix And If He Won T Fight For Them, She Will In The End, A Sacrifice Must Be Made A Life For A Life For What Better Way To Cover A Multitude Of Sins Than With The Blood Of A Sinner

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