Ê Elicit (Eagle Elite, #4) ✓ Download by Ö Rachel Van Dyken

Ê Elicit (Eagle Elite, #4) ✓ Download by Ö Rachel Van Dyken 4 What the H is going on StarsI ve been waiting for Elicit for a very long time I love this series like mad and so I have to say I have mixed feelings towards this one.
My thoughts throughout the read1% Prologue Are you Serious Why do I read the prologue, I hate foreshadowing10% Awwww Tex and Mo Too cute and funny30% There s a lot going on There s five POV s and a lot of details40% Still a lot of info50% Still a lot of info75% Finally we get somewhere 80% Picking up100% Satisfied I have to say I enjoyed the beginning minus the prologue and the ending, but the middle dragged just a tad bit and I was getting really frustrated However with that said, sometimes being frustrated can be a good thing.
If you are like me and don t like foreshadowing, skip the prologue, you will miss nothing So, Mo and Tex are enemies Mo must marry Tex because she s pregnant, only th This series is seriously getting better and better with each book How is that possible In the last story, I wasn t the biggest fan of multiple POVs, considering most of the story revolved around Chase and Mil, but in Elicit, it worked wonders Yes, it s still the story focusing on Tex and Mo but without the added POVs from Sergio and someone else I won t tell you who , I think people would ve been lost The author creates so many different layers to these stories The heart, loyalty, level of devotion to not only the characters but to the family, it s second to none Tex was amazing, Mo was fantastic, and I got to revisit the mafia life with my favourite group of bosses Can t wait to continue on with this series.
C sate conmigo, no porque est s forzada ante el apunte de una pistola, no porque debes hacerlo, no porque no hay otra elecci n, o un maldito contrato firmado en sangre C sate conmigo porque te amo Yo amo a Monroe Abandonato con cada hueso de mi cuerpo, te amo C sate conmigo, porque lo quieres, porque no puedo sobrevivir sin ti, porque no quiero imaginar un mundo donde no estemos juntos C sate conmigo, porque no puedo soportar la idea de despertarme al lado de nadie m s que t , por el tiempo en que Dios me permita vivir, quiero despertar con tu rostro, tus labios, tu sonrisa, t Solo te quiero a ti Dios lo sabe Mo, si me dieran un deseo en este mundo, te pedir a a ti Cada vez Te pedir a a tiY as se ores es Review to come This book absolutely hurt my heart, numerous times Don t get me wrong, its a brilliant story There are about 5 major plot twists that will have you jaw dropping saying no,no,no It was definitely a wild emotional roller coaster ride After all, I was a Campisi we freaking breed mayhem Is he good, is he bad You ll be asking yourself that through the entire book Good things come to those who read the story I will say I was super upset about a certain event It was such a shocker for me that I literally almost threw my kindle and stopped reading, but I owed Tex and Mo my full attention I later then had to write a poem to Ms Rachel to try and get over my emotions I have never felt that much over a book I understand it had to be done, but but I wish I could go on, but alas, I m not allowed to spoil anything.
I want to be Mo when I grow up She is a kick ass character among most o

I m not touching this book I m sure Tex had his reasons BUT there is never a good reason or excuse to cheat Then to know he brought OW home and sexed them up just to make Mo mad at himthat s a big Hell to the Fucking NO I don t care the reasons, I don t care if he gets redeemed this book is simply just not for me.
I m also ending the series here I ve read reviews of the next few books and they just aren t for me either.
Oh the tangled webs we weave Like all the previous books in the Eagle Elite series this book weaves a magical spell of intrigue, violence, heartbreak, love and lust YES I SAID LUST Rachel s writing has truly taken on a life of it s own between the pages of Elicit Mo and Tex have a chemistry that ignites the pages with fire and yet cause you to soak them with tears to put out the flames all at the same time.
Elicit takes the family to new levels When we left off in Entice things were up in the air between Tex and Mo Tex is literally at the precipice of a life long decision His blood, even though he denies his birth right, tells the world he is the Capo Now the question that looms over his head is does he give up the family he s loved and embraced since being abandon by his true blood, or does he deny his birt Great story, mostly great narrators The narrator who voiced Mo just didn t work for me with her NY accent.
Get it here Cursed, Numb, Rejected, Scorned, Wicked, Sinister, Dark, Twistedmy Name Is Tex Campisi And This Is My Legacy I Killed My Father In Cold Blood And Lost My Soul Right Along With Him I Crave War Than Peace, And I M About To Take My Place In History As The Youngest Capo Dei Capi In The Cosa Nostrathat Is Until Someone Stops Me, Saves Me From Myself But The Only Person Able To Do Thatis My Best Friends Sister, Mo Abandonato, And She Just Ripped My Heart Out And Asked Me To Hold It In My Hands While She Put Bullets Through It Im Cursed So I Did It I M Numb So I Held It I M Wicked So I Liked It I Used The Pain Mo Caused As A Catalyst To Turn Into My Biggest Nightmare The Five Families Greatest Enemy It S My Turn To Take A Stand, Knowing Full Well I M Going To Lose My Mind To The Madness That Is The American Mafia I Ve Always Been Told Blood Is Thicker Than Life I Wish I Would Have Listened Because Regardless Of Who You Love You Will Betray You Will Kill Blood Always Wins The Only Way Out Is Deathyours Welcome To The Dark Side Of The Family

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