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ð Elite (Eagle Elite, #1) ¶ Download by · Rachel Van Dyken I can t read this book anyplease don t make me My brain hurts from reading just 24% hurts so muchI honestly thought that this was a joke book A mockumentary if you will It made no sense from the get go, and the dialogue was something maybe a five year old would write I ll give you a brief rundown of the plot before I purge this book from my memory A country girl Trace wins a national lottery to go to an elite private school where celebrities and dignitary kids are enrolled For some reason that makes absolutely no sense, as soon as she gets to campus she is mocked and greeted with hostility the likes of I have never witnessed in real lifeWe are untouchable If you as much as sneeze in our direction, if you as much breathe the same air in my atmosphere, I will make our life hell Dude Dramatic much The big bad mean boys don 3 Elite StarsMaybe the world isn t as shiny and fun as you once thought People are mean Humanity is a cruel joke, Trace I m just trying to prevent them from getting the last laugh Let me explain Every year Eagle Elite College, has a lottery The winner gets an all expenses paid education at the college, this year the winner is, Trace Rooks This is her opportunity to make her grandparents proud, by going to Eagle Elite College she ll be set for life, she ll get the best job with the best salary She s pretty excited until she gets to the school and is immediately knocked down a peg by a group called the Elite They basically run the school, Nixon is the leader and what he says goes If she doesn t conform, she suffers.
There are rules to follow 1 Do not touch The Elect.
2 Do not look at The Elect.
3 Do not speak to The Electrolls eyesWhat did I think of this bookIf you kn Welcome to Ouran High School A school for the children of the richest and most influential families in Japan America One day, a poor scholarship kid contest winner will stumble across the Host Club Elect, a gang of gorgeous, influential and money laden bastards, who then take her under their wing Aft what listens to earpiece Oh, I m sorry, I got it wrong This isn t Ouran High School, it is, in fact, Deimon High, where everything is controlled by a single fearsome man, Hiruma Nixon School equipment, peopleanything you need, you just go right to him.
I what now listens to earpiece again Sorry, folks, looks like there are some technical difficulties because I clearly heard Deimon High that time Anyhow, turns out this school i

This is my first Rachel Van Dyken read, and I know now that I needof her in my life For some reason, I thought Elite was some kind of military, political, or law enforcement type romance I was very wrong lol, and I m so glad This was exactly what I needed last night when I picked it up Was it realistic Nonot at all Is the love triangle necessary No.
Do I care Nope I had so much fun reading it, and that s really all I wanted It s super entertaining, well paced, and I enjoyed the writing style I literally did not put it down until I finished The only thing remotely negative I have to say is that I wish it had a littlesteam, but overall, that s a tiny complaint I winged this review, so I apologize if it s not the most cohesive or informative one you ve ever read I wanted to leave something th 3.
5 StarsI stupidly thought that this series was set in a High School, and that s why I always passed over it, but after hearing so many people praise it I just had to read it And quickly realized that I was wrong and it s set in a very elite College, and that this was not a YA This book was honestly unlike any other that I ve read, and I loved that it could give me something new to me and unique within the genre that I love After reading as much as I do and for as long as I have, it s hard to find books that have a completely new plot that I ve never heard of before So if you re looking for something out there and so crazy that you ll love it, here it is The characters were interesting, a little annoying at times, but kept me captivated within their world From the second I opened the book I had the need to know everything that was going on in this school and why Nixon acted the wa This book So, I am going to be a prisoner in my grandfather s home Of course not, You re going to be a prisoner in mine I absolutely loved it Elite is full of action, love story like Romeo and Juliet with Godfather situation Tracey grew up with her grandparents after her parents were killed when she was 6 She grew up in a ranch And one fine day, she wins a scholarship to study at Eagle Elite after her grandmother motivated her and stating that it was time she knew who is she Enters Elite boys, Nixon, the gorgeous president with tattoos and a lip ring I so wanted to bite that lip ring each time he does bite it Nixon and Chase def took my heart away as they entered in the scene Nixon Chase Wat she didn t know how these two boys will became a part of life until she can t imagine her life with them Best part, Nixon was never nice to her 5 StarsOH.
GOD WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO read THIS I had no idea what Elite was about, I just knew it was a Dyken book and figured, light and fuffy Well, it was so MUCH MORE It was adorableIt was intriguingIt was grippingIt was action packIt was intense I LOVED IT Tracey got a scholarship into a very prestigious college It s not your typical college, they wear uniforms, there s a class system with key cards and cliques I actually just watched a Korean Drama that had a similar story line and I loved it, so Elite was a home run for me too.
Since Tracey is on scholarship, she s kind of the odd duck out Nixon is the head man on campus, everyone respects him and he kind of rules the school For some reason, Nixon gives Tracy a hard time and she doesn t know why.
How adorable is the story line Damsel in distress, Hero picking on the He For Tracey Rooks, Life With Her Grandparents On A Wyoming Farm Has Always Been Simple But After Her Grandmother S Death, Tracey Is All Her Grandfather Has So When Eagle Elite University Announces Its Annual Scholarship Lottery, Tracey Jumps At The Opportunity To Secure Their Future And Enters She Isn T Expecting Much But Then She Wins And Life As She Knows It Will Never Be SameThe Students At Eagle Elite Are Unlike Any She S Ever Met And They Refuse To Make Things Easy For Her There S Nixon, Gorgeous, Irresistible, And Leader Of A Group That Everyone Fears The Elect Their Rules Are SimpleDo Not Touch The ElectDo Not Look At The ElectDo Not Speak To The Elect No Matter How Hard She Tries To Stay Away, The Elect Are Always Around Her And It Isn T Long Until She Finds Out The Reason Why They Keep Their Friends Close And Their Enemies Even Closer She Just Didn T Realize She Was The Enemy Until It Was Too Late OMG This book was I can t even begin to describe how much I loved it I saw this book a few weeks ago onand fell in love with the cover Then I read the description I was hooked I was dying to read it But I couldn t I had a plan a book plan I had it planned out through buddy reads what I was going to read So I put this off But it wasn t far from my mind I thought about it daily Then, I finished a book that was mentally exhausting I could feel a book funk coming on As I was flipping through the pages of books on my kindle, I saw Elite by Rachel Van Dyken and decided to give it a try From the first word, I was hooked Lol I didn t know whether I was supposed to love or hate Nixon and Chase when they were first introduced I hated them for how they treated Trace but I was also intrigued They made the book so much fun And it doesn t hurt that they re both hotties I hones This Was Awesome Picked it up around 9pm last night, didn t put it down or go to sleep until I finished I couldn t The heroine might be a bit of an airhead at times but other than that, this is addictive, intense, angsty and has so much goodness to suck you in I need to start Elect NOW Thankfully I already have a copy on my shelf I feel like this is going to be a serious, series binge read.

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