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Í Read · Entice (Eagle Elite, #3) by Rachel Van Dyken â 4 starsGo to Chase and Emiliana MilTalking about a second chance romance, they pulled it off through fire, pain, hatred, passion and sacrificePerfeto And here,of Nixon and Trace,of Tex and Monroe Mo, pretty much are fantastically incorporated as they are also better developed in characterisation than i would expect them to be.
Fast, gritty, with a snarky humor, these elements improved the basic storyline which made it quite an enjoyable reading material FOR MORE REVIEWS VISIT Rating BOOK RATING You don t work for the mafia and not think about it Death was at your door constantly Shit, it practically camped there I wholeheartedly accept my love for the eagle elite series I mean I am infatuated with this series No matter how many times I read it, I never get bore.
This is me reading entice the third time but I still love and adore it as much as I did when I discovered this book.
So finally in Entice we get our sweet, dark and charming chase I love chasethan Nixon Sorry Nixon but this is the harsh truth, accept it Hahaha No doubt I loved this bookthan the previous one I hate love triangles and the dearest author i.
e Rachel Van Dyken is hell bent on including love triangles in everything And the previous two books did have a nasty love triangle.
The story s FromNew York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken Comes The Third Book In The Bestselling Eagle Elite Series As Burns This Saint, So Burns My Soul I Enter Alive, And I Will Have To Get Out Dead Chase Winter Let The Love Of His Life Slip Through His Fingers And Into The Hands Of His Best Friend And Mafia Boss Of The Abandanato Family Now That He S Been Given A Second Chance To Right A Wrong He Refuses To Let His Own Selfishness Stand In The Way The Only Problem He S Not Fully In Possession Of His Heart, So When Mil De Lange, The Girl Who S Innocence He Stole, And Heir To The Worst Of The Worst Mafia Families In The US, Asks Him For A Favor He Actually Says Yes, Not Realizing That That One Yes Has The Power To Destroy Them All Mil S Been In Love With Chase As Long As She Can Remember, But As The Years Went By, The Love Turned To Hate, And Now That He S Agreed To Help Her, She S Wondering If She Made A Fatal Error Because Chase Isn T A Teenager Any He S A Hot Blooded Male, Bent On Owning Every Part Of Her Body And Soul, And Willing To Kill Anyone In His Path Who Dares Stand In The Way It S Time For Secrets To Finally Be Revealedbut Make No Mistake, It S Going To Take A Lot Of Bloodshed For Those Truths To Be DiscoveredYou Ve Never read A New Adult Mafia Story Like This Beforeloyalties Will Be Tested, Lovers Reunited, And Friendships Obliterated Welcome To The Family Blood In No Out Entice Eagle Elite BookMay , Are You In The first time I read the series, like everyone else I had my favorite character Chase for me was it Nixon he was the martyr asshole Wait a minute, is there such a thing Sure Nixon had the asshole part down in spades, plus the shit he did was always for others but that s the same way I saw Chase and he was the guy who kept getting screwed Trace.
ugh what s to say about her other than I still hate her How she was able to flip her emotions on and off like a light switch is mind boggling But that s the thing about the characters in the series, they fall in and out of love so easily Like turning on a water faucet.
As much as I wanna hate Mil and Trace, I m at the halfway point to where I can t Rachel Van Dyken ensnared me into their web of lies, heart stopping drama and their life and death choices and all I can do is reach for the next book Five stars, happy reading We need a synopsis for this ASAP 10 STARSREALLY,10 BIG ONES I so loved this series from miss Dyken It s her best one I love alpha males and when they are also mobstersI am swooning my brain s out This is new dimension of Mafia caposand I loooove them If you have read first two books in series,you know that there was love triangle between Nixon,Trace and my hero Chase.
I was rooting for him since first page and now I am so glad that he did t get the wrong girl See,I feel sorry for him when Trace chose Nixon,but nowlooooove how he and Mil works together Chase deserves his happy ending and I was really happy how this book ends.
Mil had been in love with Chase for ages,and in time she started to hate him.
Now,when her father and brother is dead,she needs his help So Chase agrees to marry her to help her,and protect her from another mob bosses.
In the end they I m a biiigggg fan of Rachel Van Dyken, and this is my favorite series of hers I didn t know how I was going to feel about this book, because I was totally on Team Chase in the first two books.
But since Ms Van Dyken is magical, book three of this series is now my favorite She did an amazing job creating a heroine who was strong and yet vulnerable, a woman who fought her way through a heartbreaking past and a hero strong enough to earn that heroine s trust And Chase as a hero OMG Buh bye, Gideon Cross, I just dumped you for my new mafia book boyfriend.
And apart from loving this book as a reader, as an author I m forever in awe by the flawless writing and the way all the little threads are so neatly tucked in I highly recommend this book Now Rachel if you please, go get busy with Mo and Tex s story Cause I can t wait

Such a good book and the narrators were great Much better than the previous books narrators Full review to come She was my beginning my end The woman I wanted by my side until we were two cranky old people who still carried weapons and shot at squirrels when they ran in front of us.
I wanted a future with her.
I wanted a present with her I just wanted her.
The Eagle Elite series is the first series I ve read by Rachel Van Dyke, and while the first book in this series wasn t that great something made me carry on reading the other books and boy did it pay off I just love reading books where stuff happens, you know I mean my first love is romance, but I love mystery, murder, drama and action so much I love the rollercoaster of emotions when I read an intricate plot The Eagle Elite series is one of those hit or miss series, where you re either gonna love it or Get it here

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