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[ Pdf Fearless (Ruin, #2.5) Æ american PDF ] by Rachel Van Dyken Å This is a must read for fans of Ruin, andspecifically fans of Wes and Kiersten I found Ruin to be a little overly intense with the emotion, and that same feeling is picked up here, but it s angst free and all about the love, and it s all very blissful and romanticEvery day that goes by when I don t get to share every single moment with you is like waiting to die all over againI did have one massive moment of WTF view spoiler Wes surprises Kiersten with a wedding, but decides to hold it in the actual theatre where he had his surgery WTF is that about If a guy wanted to marry me in an operating room, I d run a mile Seriously It s just creepy hide spoiler 3.
5 Mushy Stars Well that was a big ole fat mush fest.
full of hearts and rainbows and unicorns Definitely a bit OTT and kind of reminds me of my co worker who thought as married women we sat around in our husband s laps while they fed us strawberries and gave us foot massages.
Needless to say, it doesn t exactly realistically depict life but whateverit s a book We can all dream right So if you re a fan of Wes and Kiersten and the over abundance of love in the air, then I definitely recommend giving this extended epilogue a go I also thought it kind of served to set things up for Lisa s book.
3,5 Fearless StarsThis book it s like a big epilogue that show us what happens after the end of Ruin If you remember the first book and you probably do , you know what problems Wes went through and how Kiersten was there for him during all of it But even after all of it is the past, when you touched death so closely, some fears don t just go away Hoping to put an end on all of the ghosts, Wes make a decision that will change their lives and guarantee that everything that can come of the future, they will face them together and with no fear Okay, if I had to describe this book with just one word would be cheesy And that s pretty much it Rating 3,5 Stars Storyline Cute and nice to read but painfully cheesy and with to much philosophical sayings from the main characters Believe me, even the supportive characters say i 3.
5 s When I finished Ruin, I was happy with the book but not totally satisfied and that s when I knew I had to read this novella about the continuing story of Wes and Kiersten But let me tell you one thing, this book is sickening sweet seriously Wes has some tricks up his sleeve and performs a little magic on Kierstenokay, a whole lotta magic And it was sweet and romantic but just a tad overkill I did like how everything wrapped up and now I am satisfiedthankfully I do have to admit that I didn t read Gabe s book, Toxic, so I did get a few spoilers but I knew I probably would It does make me curious about his story And there is a lot of set up for Lisa s book, Shame, and I am curious enough to put it on my to read list.
I absolutely loved the parts with Wes and Kiersten Wes is such a romantic and their love is epic I could have done without the snippets of Lisa It messed up the flow for me.

MUSH TO THE MAX Odes of love in this novella just went on and on I usually do complain about unnecessary drama but this was one big I love you feast and I have be honest, it s a short story and I skimmed How many ways can the author describe how these two love each other Small Fact This story was 100 pages and the word HEART was used 77 times So Wes and Kirsten get their hea and I can confirm they are happy and in love Wes surprises were great but the one big one as to location I have to be honest I didn t love Gabe played a small role in this story but his present was so sweet Lisa has a few random chapters and light is shed on what her story will be aboutHow easily we give our heart away even with the knowledge that in another person s hands you are the most vulnerable you will ever be Wes MichelsEven though I didn t love this story, I did love Ruin and Toxic and am anxiously await 3 stars An extended epilogue to Wes and Kiersten s story.
My 3 star rating is not to say it was bad It was okay, but a bit sickenly toothache sweet It was one of those feel, touching, life type books which sadly isnt my favourite to read seeing I dont have much of a heart I liked that we got a bit of Lisa in preparation for her book.
I wasnt a huge Wes and Kiersten fan in book 1 so if you are, Wes in this novella will have you swooning If you got an hour to spare I would recommend you give this book a go.
And they lived happily ever afterFearless gives us the epilogue that we desperately needed, Wes Kiersten have had their share of doom gloom laced with miracles and finally they get to close the chapter on the heartache and start their story For those of us that fell in love with these two, that cried and laughed with them this is also our story our new beginning The start of this story had me remembering every moment that occurred in Ruin, just having those thoughts still roaming around in my head had me on the verge of crying all over again I love this couple and their story This was a very sugary sweet novella I didn t expect it to bethan that I expected that after all the tears we shed during Ruin that this would be our gift for surviving it, and it was.
But what I really enjoyed was getting the glimpse into Lisa s story With Shame du Love in its definition isn t about a strong feeling towards someone, but an action If people truly understood what it was our world would be changed Love is sacrifice, it s holding someone s hand even though you know they can t feel itFearless is an epilogue novella for Ruin, and should be read after Toxic.
Very sweet and much less emotional than the first two Once again, I should have learned my lesson and read instead of listened because the narrator that voices Wes gives me the blues I would recommend this to all fans of the series When I Met Kiersten, Time Stood Still It Was As If Every Cell In My Body Screamed HER I Couldn T Look Away, I Couldn T Walk Away, I Couldn T Even Move My Other Half, My Soul Mate, Was Staring Right At Me I Had To Have Her I Had To Make Her Mine But I Felt Selfish Doing That Knowing That I May Not Have Endless Amounts Of Time To Give Herand Even Now That Every Things Over With And I Ve Been Given That Time Back Nothing Is Ever Certain In This Life Which Is Why I M About To Do Something Crazy, Impulsive, Daring After All, What Type Of Person Would I Be If I Didn T Take My Own Advice I M Jumping Off The Cliff, I M Living FearlesslyThis Is The Continuation Of Wes And Kiersten S Story

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