☆ Fraternize (Players Game, #1) ð Download by Õ Rachel Van Dyken

☆ Fraternize (Players Game, #1) ð Download by Õ Rachel Van Dyken When will I ever learn reading books with two love interests never seems to work for me I m always on TeamNeverGetsTheGirl LOL Lucky for me, both guys in this story were completely lovable I adored the bromance between Miller and Sanchez and even though my guy didn t get the girl, I was totally okay with it Emerson was a fantastic heroine and this book was loads of fun I m looking forward tofrom the side characters 4 stars 4.
5 Hell 5 CURVES STARSThe dream we d had so many years ago had happened just not the way we d plannedFans of football and childhood, love triangle ish, romances with humor done just right, shouldn t pass this book up To top off all the aforementioned the heroine Emerson is a curvy professional cheerleader Emerson and her first love Miller had the same dream as teenagers to play and cheer for the Bucks Their dream has become a reality too bad they haven t seen one another in six years due to outstanding circumstances and meddling To top off this story from being the same old Rachel Van Dyken throws into the mix of Emerson and Miller another football player named Grant SanchezHe was impossible not to likeSanchez s intent on bec 3.
75 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author Body trembling, I tried to tell my heart to stop beating so loud But it was too excited Racing towards him Toward someone who I d always seen as the wrong guy Who quite possibly could end up being the right one Because no matter how damaged your heart may be, it never loses its ability to choose again, to try again, to want love even after loss FRATERNIZE is the story of Emerson Rodner, a young woman who time and again has suffered great loss, but she s had the tenacity to move on with her life and go after her dreams She s always dreamed of being a cheerleader for the NFL team the Bellevue Bucks and finally, after being rejected the past few years, she has won a spot on the cheer squad Emerson is a woman with curves and she s dealt with judgment and criticism alm 3.
5 stars Rachel Van Dyken delivers an entertaining and sexy sports romance with hot football players and cheerleaders for characters What I loved the most about this book was the new adult feels of it It s been a while since I ve read a good new adult novel An while this would probably classify as a contemporary read, the fact that all these characters were so young gave me new adult vibes This book is about professional football and covers a lot of interesting points, such as how gruesome the practices are and what it s like to be part of a team The author has a good balance of romance and football and I definitely appreciated the sports aspect of the book If you haven t derived it from the cover yet, this book has a love trian 3.
5Cheer Loud, CheergirlStars Miller and Emerson were best friends in high school, he was the star of the football team and she was the chubby cheerleader They bonded over being picked on, Miller was picked on by white boys for being dark skinned and from black boys for having light skin While Emerson s weight was always the brunt of peoples jokes.
Emerson and Miller had fallen in love by the end of high school but things happen that see Miller leave town Then a series of unfortunate circumstances see them lose contact completely.
Emerson gets on with life, now an adult but still has the same dream of being a professional cheerleader like her mum Only one thing is stopping her But I was lacking one thing The ability to squeeze my body into a size two, four, six, or eight Who do we appreciate Food, damn it I felt the author went a little OTT w I don t even like football and I loved the heck outta this book Kelly gets a tad bit obsessive with her loving of this author So I had tried one of her books before and it was kinda meh This one totally made up for it Guys, the heroine is PLUS SIZED And I loved her Emerson wants to be a professional cheerleaderthan anything so she has worked hard but refuses to starve herself into a size zero swoon hearts everywhere She tries out for the Bucks and gets the cheerleader position that she is dying for She doesn t really expect that Don t fraternize with the players rule to be a problem since she has sworn off men since her best friend broke her heart years ago.
Y all know that best friend is gonna show back up don t you He does Miller is the tight end that gets traded to the Bucks.
the last place he wants to be because it s his hometown and he has bad memorie Emerson Just Made Her Dream Come True As A Professional Cheerleader For Her Favorite Pro Football Team But Even Though The Plus Size Athlete Is Breaking Down Boundaries, She Still Has To Contend With The Massive Rulebook Carbs Nope Chocolate Definitely Not Still, Emerson Loves Her Curves, And She Ll Rock The Hell Out Of This Job Even If It Kills Her Except For One Mandate That Is Easier read Than Done No Fraternizing With The PlayersProblem One Is Miller Quinton Emerson S First Love, First Sex, And The Guy Who Still Ignites Her Daydreams And R Rated Fantasies Thrown Back Together, Miller And Emerson Feel The Undeniable Pull Of Passion Again, Even If The Conflict That Tore Them Apart Seems Insurmountable Then There S Way Too Sexy Grant Sanchez He Has A Serious Reputation With The Ladies, And When It Comes To Winning Someone He Wants, He Doesn T Let Anyone Stand In His WayNow Emerson Is Breaking Every Rule In The Manual But What She Doesn T Know Is That She S Part Of A Wicked Little Game One That Could Steal Both Her Dream And Her Heart NOW LIVEUSUKRachel Van Dyken is a go to author for me so even when she writes a book featuring a love triangle I am right there with grabby hands I usually try and stay away from love triangles but this is RVD we re talking about so I just couldn t pass on this one, especially after I read an excerpt from the story that about killed me And now I get to figure out how I m going to write this review telling you how much I loved it but without spoiling anything.
I was day dreaming about this book all day at work after having to put it down, which was extremely hard by the way All of these characters just captivated me right away and I was on the edge of my seat ready to pull my hair out in frustration when I couldn t decide who I likedThat was the brilliant Find all of my reviews at decided to read Fraternize after a certain someone s name kept popping up all over creation due to him being an excellent human being and after watching sitting in the same room during Sunday Funday when this happened I can t imagine the person who would still not know this but in case you need written confirmation, YES I am 100% disgusting and was totally able to take something wonderful that happened during a tragedy to make me horny for some porny The story here is about Emerson who has dreamed of breaking the mold of who can become a professional cheerleader ever since high school When Emerson finally lands a spot on the Bucks squad, she is elated She knows she can keep up with the grueling pace, and as fo Thanks again to Skyscape for sending me an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewEmerson and Miller used to be best friends But when Miller moved away at the beginning of their senior year, the two stopped talking to each other They both think the other one is responsible for their loss of contact and so they don t see each other until their ways coincidentally cross again six years later Now Emerson is a cheerleader for the Bellevue Bucks, a successful football team, and Miller joins the team as a player Their childhood dream has come true but the circumstances are a little different than they thought they d be Will the two end up as lovers, friends or enemies Fraternize is a very quick read a

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