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[ Read Online Pull (Seaside, #2) Æ light-novel PDF ] by Rachel Van Dyken ì I have two words for you, DEMETRI DANIELS Ok so I ll admit, while reading Tear, I was completely Team Alec He really stole my heart, he is definitely in my top 10 list of book boyfriends After reading Pull, Demetri might quite possibly be my 1 book boyfriend He s flirty, funny, hot, sarcastic, oh and how can I forget He s a rockstar What s not to love Seriously, this book was awesome I read it in a day and a half, I really couldn t put it down In this book we really get to see the struggles Demetri went through that caused him to become addicted to alcohol and drugs He struggles every day trying to stay clean and out of the public eye He meets Alyssa, immediately intrigued by her, and well he doesn t have any friends in Seaside and he could really use a friend Alyssa struggles with a similar past, which connects them to each other even This book and its prequel Tear came highly recommended by a close friend of mine So when I got the chance to read and review them both in exchange for my honest opinion, I jumped on the chance.
Pull, was thankfully and in my opinion , so much better than Tear The author seemed to spendtime on her characters this time around, expanding upon Demetri Daniels from the first book, while creating a sad and compelling new character in Alyssa She takes you through their lives, their pain, their grief and finally their start to healing.
You can t help but feel sorry for Alyssa, who has fallen into a deep depression after the sudden death of her boyfriend Brady She can t let go of him, and even though she s been in therapy, she still doesn t feel like she can open up about the whole truth When she meets Demetri, he makes her laugh He opens her up to the feelings she s long since let go Sometimes when love pushes you, it s time to pull until you snap I have been waiting for Pull to be released since reading Tear back in November I ve been teased mercilessly by the little teaser quotes posted on Facebook by Rachel VanDyken over the past few months that I was near ready to pull my hair out Finally, it s in my hands well, on my iPad and I read it straight through in one day True to the style and feel of Tear, this sequel is a gritty, emotional, true to life and angsty romance that I couldn t put down.
While in Tear, I felt a few plot lines were rushed at the end and that there were some inconsistencies in Nat s character Pull didn t have these issues Yes, the climax kind of hit all at once, Dios Este libro me ha encantado, de principio a fin Desde la primera p gina me ten a totalmente enredada y cautivada, tanto que lo empec sobre las 10 30 y lo he terminado alrededor de las 3 de la tarde No he le do el primero, ni lo voy a leer, y tampoco es que me haya hecho mucha falta porque se le sigue bien el ritmo a Pull Aunque me entran ganas por saber m s de Nat, pero dudo que lo haga No es el primer libro que leo de Rachel Van Dyken, y no creo que sea el ltimo No s c mo expresarme, pero es que este libro es puro amor Lo refrescante de haber le do este libro ha sido que por mucho que Alyssa empujaba lejos a Demetri, l no se ha rendido con ella ni por un s lo minuto daba igual lo que ella le dijera, l siempre estaba ah , para las buenas como para las malas The love you felt for Brady, is it the same What can I say about Pull I must admit that I was eagerly awaiting the release of this book After reading the first book in this series, Tear I could not wait to see what Rachel Van Dyken had up her sleeve with Demetri Daniels in Pull And let me tell you she did not disappoint I do not want to give anything away, so what I will say is that the book and her writing gets to you, hooks you, grabs you and PULLS you right in Her characters are real and therefore flawed You get to see and live through their raw and often times gritty emotional journey through both their struggles with their past and their current everyday life I definitely recommend this book I not only did not want to put this book down, I also didn t want it to end My only other re I.
BOOK DEMETRI DANIELS Oh my lord swoon worthy although I ll admit, while reading Tear, I was completely Team Alec 100% up until the last few chapters when all the REAL reason behind everything came out I loved the dynamic between these two broken charterers I laughed I crying I got angry I yelled at my kindle because all SANE people do that right My favourite quotes That s all I need I picture of me humping the unicorn the cars stopped and all the little kids got out I was still stuck need help Alyssa asked leaning over my shoulder My right knee was caught underneath the car I was seriously contemplating just lifting the car like a skirt and walking off, but then I d be flintstone ing it all the way back to the house in the Jaded Rock Star, Demetri Daniels, Is In Hell Also Known As Seaside, Oregon Sent To Rehab After Nearly Getting Himself Killed Last Year, His Record Company Wants Nothing Than For Him To Lay Low, Away From The LimelightIrritated And Alone Than He S Ever Been In His Life, Demetri Tries Desperately To Rebuild His Shattered Reputation As A Drug Addict And Player, Which Proves To Be Difficult When He Meets AlyssaAlyssa Is Everything He Should Stay Away From She S Beautiful, Smart, But Above All Else, She S Damaged And One Thing Demetri Has Learned Is Two Broken Hearts Don T Equal A WholeIn The End, He Has To Decide If He Can Rise Above The Life He S Created In Learning From His Past Mistakes, Or Fall Into The Darkness Of His Choices 2016 Re read Update Demetri became my first book boyfriend and still has my heart three years later note I first read this book on March 13, 2013 It seems odd to me that it s been three years since I first read this Definitely was overdue for a re read My opinions that I wrote three years ago still remain true to this day, the only difference is that I mTeam Demetri than I am Team Alyssa Demetri really matures and finds himself in this book I can t wait to get lost in Shatter, which is my absolute favorite book by Rachel I waited impatiently for Pull to be released as Tear left me wantingPull is told from the viewpoints of Demetri and Alyssa, a wounded girl who is less than a shadow of her former self I went from being Team Alec and Team Alec This book was provided to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
I really love the characters that this author creates, they are so full of life and wit They feel like family, you know, the sort of characters you miss when the book is over.
When I first started this book I wasn t too sure I missed Nat, she was so funny and sweet whereas Alyssa is well, a bit depressing quite frankly Also, I wasn t really much of a Demetri fan in Tear so reading all about him didn t appeal I quickly changed my mind however Demetri is a lovely guy, so broken but so honest and open His mind flits from one thing to another, unable to focus for too long on one thing but always reacting genuinely His ego was hilarious.
This story was just as intense as Tear but right from the off Tear had a light hearted high school start to it and then got serious, Pull was pretty se OH MY GOSH This is just an amazing book I laughed a lot , I cried, I got angry very angry Demetrioh sweet Demetrihe is amazing in this book You know how in the first one you got glimpses of his sweetness, but then it got over shadowed by his stupidityyea not in this onejust his amazingness is that a word His love for Alyssa is just unyielding He really is just a sweaty who has been hurtthan anyone should be Alyssa poor sweet Alyssa, also has been hurtthan any human should be, and oh the hurt to come.
I love that we get to see Nat and Alice in this book And oh what they have been up to hummmmm can t wait for the third book OK is this even making since at this point I m still on my high from reading this bookT

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