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[ Pdf Ruin ½ addition PDF ] by Rachel Van Dyken Ê I LIKED it, didn t absolutely love it, and I see that I am in the minority from most of my friends It was a nice story, he was nice, she was nice, the friends were very nice Dad was nice, Uncle was nice Have I turned into someone who NEEDs a bit of angst in a book I don t think so Maybe I really need the characters to be older I am 47, so reading about 18 year olds might just be a bit too much for me Overall a nice story, Will I check out other books by this author probably have read one of her other books and I did enjoy it so, Yes, I probably will.
Overall, I suppose, eventhough this book did have a darker theme going through it, it wasl still Fear can be your ally You can do something afraidFair is fair, I didn t care for this author s previous book and did a review stating all the things that made it an unbearable read for me My how the tide has changed I found this book to be ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, MIRACULOUS, HILARIOUS, SWOON WORTHY, HEART BREAKING and itthan deserves my 5 stars This story is told in the dual pov of college freshman, Kiersten Rowe and senior quarterback son of one of the world s richest man, Wes Michals All supporting characters were just as strong as the main characters in this story.
Kiersten grows beyond her fears and smothering depression While Wes faces his morality through witty banter, grand gestures and friendship they face their future and they build a relationship that book couples are celebrated for This is a love story, a story of friendship, of fea I M Not Your Typical Girl I Ve Been Running Away From The Memories That Haunt Me For So Long That Depression Has Become My Only Comfort I Was Content In The Darknessuntil Wes Michals Offered To Be My LightI Didn T Know That Time Wasn T My Ally That Every Second That Ticked Past Was One Step Closer To The End Of Something That Was Beginning To Mean The End Of Myself He Tried To Warn Me He Promised Me All He Was Able To Offer Each Moment As It Came But It Would Never Be EnoughSometimes When You Think It S The End, It S Only The Beginning Wes Thought He Could Save Me, But In Giving Me Everything, He Ruined Me Because After One Kiss, One Touch, I Couldn T I Wouldn T Ever Be The SameAnd From That Moment On, His Heartbeat Became My Own Really enjoyed this one even though it wasn t realistic.
Did a lot of andand Kiersten is struggling with her parents death She finally decides to get out and try to embrace life She meets the RA at her college, Wes Their nicknames for each other were cute Kiersten Lamb, Weston Wolf Weston is sick but still HOT He doesn t know if he will live or die Not a spoiler b c you find this out pretty fast something is wrong He starts falling for Kiersten and wants to live for her Kiersten finds out he is sick and doesn t want to lose another person in her life She has to be the strong one for him Favorite Quotes I hated God for taking everyone from me I hated that in the end, I would always be alone to mourn the loss of the ones I loved Living is hard dying is easy You close your eyes and neve ropen them up again What s so diff 4.
5 RuinED ME STARSShe has absolutely no idea what she does to me She s my medicine, my cure, my everything If only hearts could heal that way through someone else s beatingWell, when I decided to read this book, I was NOT expecting to read what I read I thought it would be your typical bad boy story, but it was so muchI am SO glad I gave this a try I don t think this review will be very long I DON T want to give anything away It s one of those books that you should just read without finding out too much about it It might Ruin the whole story for you and that would be a shame, because it s a beautiful oneI looked into his eyes and knew, this was the guy he was the one I wanted to spend my every waking moment with He was my foreverKiersten Rowe has had a Genre Contemporary RomanceType Standalone Book 1 of 3 from Ruin seriesPOV First Person DualRating Weston Wes Michels was a star quarterback senior He acquired celebrity status with his good looks and family wealth He could get any girl he wanted but that didn t concern him because he had a personal quest to fulfill And the person that caught his attention happened to be a timid freshman.
Kiersten Rowe had been living in the shadows since her life was turned upside down by a tragedy Life for her was simply breathing for another day That was until Wes immersed himself into her life and help her live it as she should But sometimes in life, just as the sun emerged, a dark cloud threatened to darken the day.
I keep seeing this book under various sad book lists and have been wanting to read it for a while I m glad I finally 4 Real Sweet Bucket list StarsMaybe it s not in the perfection of life that things make sense, but in the chaos This is the story of Kiersten and Wes Kiersten is mourning the loss of her parents, she never had the chance of saying goodbye to them and she closed herself to the world, afraid of having to feel loss again She is kind of a broken soul Enter Wes Tv show star, completely hot and unfortunately, extremely sick.
So he knows he can t fall in love with her, not when he doesn t know how muchtime he could have and especially when she doesn t know about his condition and when she won t be able to deal with the loss ofpeople in her life But the thing is neither of them can t help it When it s real there s nothing you can do to stop it This was a real

If YA is your thing p 4 4.
5 Do it afraid starsYou rescued me and I found my Ruin I m Ruined for you and I won t ever be the same It s the greatest gift anyone s ever given meRuin is an emotional, raw and beautiful love story that was equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming I laughed, I cried, I loved, I smiled Overall, a very good read Wes aka Wolf is one of those heroes you find yourself loving straight away He s sweet, funny, charming and just a wee bit cocky He s a big shot football player and well known on campus He s also a RA at a freshman dorm He runs into Kiersten and is instantly drawn to her There is something different about her She s innocent, kind, and he can tell she s holding on to some sort of pain Due to h See that picture above, that is how I felt while reading Ruin Unfortunately, I was bored It was just too sugary sweet for me I really don t have a ton to say about the novel Ruin I m probably one of the few people out there that thought this book was just ok.
It s a storyline that I have encountered before, many times in fact It wasn t bad per say but it certainly wasn t amazing I m having a hard time trying to figure out why it got so many five star reviews Here are my issues The love connection between Kiersten and Wes felt rushed, sort of like insta love to me It just wasn t believable I couldn t buy into their rushed relationship in spite of Wes circumstances Kiersten s issues with her parents were only briefly touched upon I wanteddialogue regarding her hangups and insecurities I did love the messa

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