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↠´ Read ↠´ Shame (Ruin, #3) by Rachel Van Dyken ↠´ Sometimes the most beautiful things are the ones that pose the most danger, just like the ugliest of the world turn into objects of absolute beauty The cancer was ugly, but Kiersten turned it to beauty The death of Gabe s fianc e was horrendous, but Saylor made the death redeeming, precious And Lisa her past was ugly, but look at the beauty of the disaster that struck Tristan, redemption within their family, and finally, love I think the world has it wrong when it strives after the beautiful It should fight for the ugly it should hope for the damned it should seek the lost because in the end, if there weren t tears, if there wasn t fighting, then do you really deserve to feel satisfied and happy Wes MichelsShame is the first book in the series tha 3.
5 rollercoaster starsThis book is the final in the Ruin series, and finally gives us Lisa s story It s a rollercoaster of emotions for her but sadly, I didn t feel it as much as I wanted to probably because I had issues with some of the story But there is no denying that this is an intense read with lots of twists and turns, which ties off the series nicely From the very beginning of this series, it has been obvious that Lisa is hiding some big secrets Some of them were revealed in the last book of the series, but the full extent of her past the guilt and shame that still plague her is now finally revealed, and is about to come screaming back into her present in a huge way I m not going to go into any specifics about it all, because it s best you discov Everything Done In Darkness Will Eventually Be Brought Into The Light I Ran, But All It Did Was Keep Me One Step Ahead Of My Past I Tried To Start Over New Name, New Identity But You Can T Change Your Soul A Fresh Start At College Was Just What I Needed For A While, It Worked I Was The Party Girl, The One Who Seemed Confident, But It Was A Lie When Guys Kissed Me I Felt Only Pain When They Touched Me Nothing But Fear Deep Inside, Every Girl Wants To Be The Beauty In The Story, To Find Someone Who Will See You As Their World But The Truth I Was The Beast And As Much As I Wanted Redemption, I Wasn T Fool Enough To Think I D Ever Get ItUntil He Walked Into My Life I Wasn T Prepared To Fall For Someone My Scars Were Too Deep, The Wounds Too Raw But He Offered Me Peace, He Offered Me Security I Should Have Known It Was Just Another Lie I Should Have Known That Falling In Love With My Professor Was A Bad Idea But I Was Powerless To Stop Myself From Falling And He Was Powerless To Catch Me Because The Darkness Finally Caught Up To Me, And As Fate Would Have It, A Cruel Twist Almost Bled Me Dry But I M Stronger Than I Knew I M Stronger Than You Think You Think You Know My Story, But You Don T After All Everyone Has Shame In Their Lives And I M No Longer Afraid To Show You Mine 4 Learn from your mistakes StarsA LOT happens in Shame It s crazy, but in a good wayI loved Ruin, was a bit disappointed with Toxic, but Shame really rounded everything out I m very happy I stuck with the series and Shame left me satisfied.
Summary brief Remember Lisa She s Gabe s best friend Anyhow, Lisa dated a crazy person and he killed himself because of Lisa She s trying to move forward, but every time she does, it seems like a creepy stalker is bringing up her past Tristian is Lisa s professor I know.
it s not really that kind of story Tristian has intentions towards Lisa, but not all of them are noble ReviewI don t even know where to begin First off, the prologue is a bit confusing, but for once, it s not truly a true foreshadowing meaning, it doesn t give everything away Dyken is known to foreshadow and it drives me bonkers This one I could handle Second, th DNF at 20%Storyline was interesting enough Lisa is running from her past and then Tristan turns up as her new professor How does he tie in with her past If you ve read the other books, you will know that this series tend to be on the OTT side, I did like them once upon a time But I just couldn t stop shaking my head at 20% I had no desire to put all the pieces of the story together and so another DNF.
ARC provided by the author Expected publication June 2014OMG please let this be Lisa s Story please please please UPDATE JULY 23 2014 OMG IT WAS MOVED UPDATE AUGUST 25 2014 OMG IT GOT MOVED AGAIN T.
T UPDATE SEPTEMBER 11 2014 WHAT THE FRIIIIIGGGG THAT COVER AND THAT BLURB AFTER READING THE BLURB A PROFESSOR HOLY MOTHER OF CHEETOS I would probably change one thing in this story and I still gave it a 5 stars I ve been dying for this book If you haven t read the previous books, Ruin, Toxic and the novella Fearless, this is NOT a spoiler free review.
So we all know how perfect Wes is, right Right Even in his little parts in Shame I love himandHe s the life of it all He kicked Cancer in the ass, married Kiersten and went on to becomes football player How about Gabe the movie star in hiding who lost his fianc That s alright, Saylor picked up his heart and he put a ring on it I can keep going on about these two books But this is not about them, this is about Lisa aka Mel.
So if your remember where we last left off with Lisa, she thought she saw a ghost from her past Readersif you think Wes or Gabe had it bad, Think again Now I can understand why Gabe was so overprotective o Shame brings us Lisa s story Part of her past was eluded to during Toxic, but for the first time we get the clear picture of just what she escaped when she escaped her life two years ago.
For two years Lisa has lived with guilt over the part she played in her past, two years of living in fear two years of not really living but just going through the motions But when Tristan appears and ignites a fire within her, Lisa begins of the journey of having to face her past But the problem is, her past isn t ready to allow her to let go and move on As each chapter opens we get a piece of the puzzle A journal entry from Taylor, Lisa s ex An entry that showcases the manipulation she endures at the hands of a boy that was sick A boy that was out to ruin everyone, Lisa included We see the glimpses into Lisa s past that explain the reason why she s been frozen with fear for the last two y

3 3.
5 starsEverything done in darkness will eventually be brought into the lightShame was completely different than the first two books in this series I did like the book a good bit, and actually some parts that were way dark intrigued me, but for some reason I didn t fall in love with this one the way that I did Gabe and Wes s story So even though it s a 3 3.
5 it s a strong 3 3.
5 and still one I d recommend to someone looking for a twisty, dark and emotional new adultThe thing about your past it never stays there We just think it does until the time comes for it to reveal itself in all its gory shame And there s nothing, absolutely nothing a person can do, but watch Lisa has a past that she s not proud of A shameful past that still haunts her to this day Partly because of this past, she doesn t date or get ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review 5 TRISTAN STARS There aren t enough words to describe how emotionally charged, riveting , touching and heartbreaking SHAME by Rachel Van Dyken is Rachel is one of those authors for me who can completely capture and own you emotionally She can take her readers on an emotional rollercoaster full of twist and turns where it can leave you stunned, break your heart, and have you shedding tears But most importantly, she has this amazing gift in writing that can piece back the pieces of your heart and leave you with a big fat smile on your face Shame is another book that I can happily say that Rachel will leave her readers breathless.
We all the know the saying Fool me once, shame on you Fool me twice, shame on me So what does Lisa have to be ashamed of What is she hiding It is said to not look back on our past, but move forward But what happ

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