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Download Epub Format ✓ Tear (Seaside, #1) PDF by ó Rachel Van Dyken Life As A Teenager Is Never Easy But For Natalee Murray, Things Have Just Gotten Way Difficult Bored With Life, She Can T Wait To Graduate High School And Get Out Of Town, Especially Considering The Famous Band Members From AD Suddenly Start Attending Her School, Making Her Once Boring Life, Absolutely InsaneIt Starts With A Pen A Single Brush Of Fingers, And She Is CaptivatedBut Alec And Demetri Have A Dark Secret, One That Could Shatter Their Reputations And Natalee S Heart What Do You Do When One Guy Paints Your Life With Color While The Other Infuses Your Soul With Passion How Do You Choose When Your Heart Is Divided This Is A New Adult Mature YA Minor Swearing And Drug Usage Before starting this review, I will disclaimer that I actually did want to read Tear before picking it up I thought it looked like a fun possibility It was not my intention to read this book and go on a ranting spree Should I have quit sooner Probably But it was like being on a runaway train once I got started and I wanted to know where I was headed If I had a running list of every single thing that I would not want to read in a romance book, I would have been able to check every single item off my list Mild book spoilers ahead You ve been warned.
The ABC s of What I Don t Want to read in RomanceA is for Abstract We were sort of dropped into this story without any real detail about the characters or setting Natalee, the main character, was a shell of a person Both of the two hot guys who were new in town

Find all of my reviews at I finished this book, the first thought that came to my head wasSadly, Tear was about the most vapid waste of time I ve spent in recent memory HOWEVER, with that being said let me tell you this cost zero dollars and is so far the only Rachel Van Dyken I haven t enjoyed Okay, enjoyed might be a bit of an understatement I had dabbled unsuccessfully in NA a bit before stumbling across The Consequence of Loving Colton That book made me askI ve since read a couple other Van Dyken stories with nearly the same reaction, but this one This was nothing but a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Twilight knock off Tear is the story of Natalee 18 years old and never been kissed All that changes when brothers and members of the band One Direction AD2 Alec and Dimitri transfer far away from their homeland cough Canada cough to her school in Oregon and she experiences an intense exch NOW FREE 4 StarsTear is not a typical book I pick up It has a love triangle between two brothers, oh and there is slight cheating, that pretty much screams a no for me HOWEVER, I ve been in this Rachel Van Dyken high, I just couldn t help myself.
Demetri and Alex are not only brothers, but famous rock stars Its Nat s senior year of high school and her world is turned upside when Demetri and Alex walk into her school Demetri is a major man whore, who loves attention and Alex is the broody brother who continues to ignore Nat.
Girls like Nat are a huge fickle for me I really try hard to understand the mind of a girl who can love two men It s a struggle, but I go into it with as much as an open mind as I can For the most part, Nat was not really annoying, she did stress me at times, but I truly understood why she was torn.
Of course the book is written to l

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