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[ Pdf The Bet ✓ video-games PDF ] by Rachel Van Dyken à Ok, this was seriously adorable Sweet, funny laugh out loud funny , poignant, with just the right amount of cheese Definitely an enjoyable mostly lighthearted read about childhood friends who finally with some well meaning family manipulation realize they are meant for each otherHe d wanted herthan Anything His entire life How many people could actually claim that That for their entire existence, the one person they wanted to share eternity with, had never changed, never faltered Her It had always been her After reading the prologue, I had high hopes for this one But as the story progressed, the immaturity of the characters was on full display along with cheesy dialogue Having enjoyed all my previous Rachel Van Dyken reads, I persevered through it hoping for the best.
Fifteen Years Ago.
Travis, a stuttering eight year old, really likes Kacey and assumes he will marry her one day After all, he was the oldest and well on his way to becoming a man His attempts at showing Kacey he likes her always backfires and she ends up running away in tears and hating him.
Jake, Travis six year old brother, likes Kacey too, and makes a bet with Travis that she would be marrying him They each spit in their hands and shake on the million dollar bet.
Present Day Kacey is I Have A Proposition For You Kacey Should Have Run The Minute Those Words Left Seattle Millionaire Jake Titus S Mouth It S Been Years Since Kacey S Seen Her Childhood Friend Jake, But The Minute Jake Mentions His Ill Grandmother, Kacey Is Ready To Do Anything For The Sweet Old Woman And If That Means Pretending They Re Engaged For Her Sake So Be ItBut Kacey Wasn T Counting On Jake S Older Brother Travis Still Being There She Calls Him Satan For A Reason She S Never Forgotten The Way He Teased And Taunted Her Yet When They Meet Again, Travis S Gorgeous Smile Is A Direct Hit To Her Heart And Kacey S Confused Than Ever As The Days Pass, Only One Thing Starts To Become Alarmingly Clear She Never Should Have Accepted Jake S Deal This novel had the cutest prologue I ve ever read DI loveddddddddddddd the book.
I want AMAZING, SUPER CUTE, BRILLANT AND JUST swoon I want a continuation of this book Like their story to continue Like I wantof the other brother too.
The story was wonderful and I loved the characters Grandma was the best The witty bantering, the humor, the whole feeling of the book, I enjoyed it all.
The whole bet was ADORABLE heheDo read this book Its Awesome DHe knew for a fact Kacey loved princess stories She would talk about how girls are supposed to be treated like princesses, and boys are supposed to be princes.
But how was he supposed to be a prince when there were no dragons to slay How could he prove himself when th Recensione del II volume Recensione del III volume ATTENZIONE Recensione piena di spoiler, cattivella e totalmente demolitrice se vi piaciuto il libro o volete leggerlo no, dai, non fatelo Davvero non fa per voi D Dicono del libro Ma un libro sulla droga No perch pare che i protagonisti ne facciano uso Giovane della comunit di recupero Ah s , come no, l autrice.
L autrice stata nostra paziente dopo una brutta caduta dal seggiolone Infermiera dell ospedale pediatrico in cui la Van Dyken stata paziente per un trauma alla testa Boh, vbb, io x tnt cretineria tt insieme mica l avevo mai vista 14enne shoccata dalla porcheria che ha letto mentre mandavaa un whatsapp e un twitter Questo libro la PORACCIAGGINE stampata su carta, un grido di dolore degli alberi non si fa Rachel, non lo sai che po Find all of my reviews at you know my history with romance novels, you ll know I m not real good at reading them right most of the time Mainly becauseOne exception to my ongoing list of failures has been Rachel Van Dyken, so when I saw my library had a selection I had not yet read I was all This is the part where I talk about the tired trope and whatnot If you are still a na ve thinker who believes NA romance stories can be spoiled it s probably best you leave now Still here Alright, let s roll The plotline for The Bet is that Kacey has agreed to go back to her hometown and pretend to be her former bestie Jake s fianc for the weekend Due to some stuff and things that happened in the past, our leading lady is a bit worried that she will end up taking her role too serious and fall for Jake s charm Upon their arrival we meet Travis Jake s This was a cute fun read Some awkward moments followed by heart warming full on awwwwwwwwwww moments This Travis is a Breath of fresh air He said he was going to marry her He knew this at the firm age of like ten His honest thoughts and crush on Kacey just so adorable Bonus points for this Travis Titus 1 he was sentimental kept stuffed animal he named after her 2 he kept her parents memories alive 3 his fear of big bad bears 4 he finally right hooked his brother 5 his determination to surprise her and make her happy 6 his use and love of Benadryl Lol He evoked a momentary pharmaceutical the heat is on Nuff said This Travis is a keeper too If you have a desire for a quick, cute and easy reading give this a try I give this 4 cavity inducing sweet stars

Where s Chuck Norris when you need him to punch some fictional characters in the face When I was thinking about what to write here, I suddenly realized that I m a hypocrite well okay I already knew I was, this just highlighted it I was going to say that Jake was plain nasty because he pays strippers and prostitutes for sex and fuck knows what STD s he has THEN I thought, hang on I read books were the heroine is a stripper or prostitute , I root for her and have never wondered what STD s she may have or thought that the hero in those books is nasty for wanting a relationship with her You see my point And even though I ve realized that, I still don t like Jake for doing it Here s another thing I had to check the blurb for this book several times because we Sometimes,when life gets hard, and people make you angry or even when you re scared, the best response is laughter Laugh in the face of fear, in the face of what scares you the most.
It s the only way to get you through the things that bring you to tearsThe Bet is one of those books that brought the laughs If you re looking for something light and easy that will keep a smile on your face, this would be a good one to pick up This is a story about childhood best friends Kacey and Jake But it s not just about them Jake s older brother, Travis is in the mix You see Jake and Kasey were always best friends, even dated for a while, but Travis is the guy who s always cared for Kacey She just didn t know it Travis and Kacey s relationship as chi 5 I LOVE THIS BOOK STARS.
I, Lisa Jayne Woodward formally declare that I m a self confessed book butterfly junkie, sign me up for RA romance anonymous Failing that leave me in a padded cell with a shoot for food and this book to read over and over again This has to be crowned best book of 2013 for me so far It ticked all my romance story boxes and here are my thoughts What s it all about Kacey is approached by her childhood friend, now millionaire Jake Titus who asks her to return to their childhood home and pretend they are engaged for the sake of his ill grandmother It s been years since Kacey has even ventured home or seen the Titus Brothers but she is ready to do anything for the sake of this elderly lady Kacey has a history with Jake s older brother Travis they have a somewhat shaky past and she has never been able to forget the way he t

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