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[Rachel Van Dyken] ↠´ The Consequence of Loving Colton (Consequence, #1) [tristan-da-cunha PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ð ARC kindly provided byPublishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you a lot 2.
5 stars Blurb My name is Milo Caro and I have a confession to make.
I ve been in love with Colton Mathews since I was five He should have known that sharing a cookie with a sugar obsessed little monster would do the trick it sealed his fate So really, the fact that he s sporting a black eye, a limp, almost got ran over by a car, and was nearly responsible for another person s death Right HIs fault Not mine I made a pact with myself this weekend would be different I d come home for my brothers wedding, smile, and Colton would naturally melt into my arms, we d get married have five kids, live in a house by the river, and get a dog named scratch clearly I ve thought this through.
What really happened I punched my brother in the face, Colton kissed me and a And I m waving the white flag of surrenderBecause I got sick of hearing one of my inner personalities telling another inner personality, This shit stupid sucks, homie DNF 27%I tried, I really did I had never read Rachel Van Dyken before, but I had heard good things From where I heard those good things now eludes me, of course, but anywayYeah, I m going with having heard good things at some point From somewhere This was read Now on Netgalley so I thought, sure, why not Because IDIOT What.
A Shit.
I would say reading this was like watching the love child of a slap stick comedy and the crappiest of rom coms EVER, but that would be an insult to Paul Blart and Mall Cops everywhere Seriously though, the way people seemed Think of the clumsiest girl, sprinkle a little disaster, and add a little awkward and you ve got Milo She has been in love with her brother s bestie, Colton, forever and when she returns home is determined to get him to finally see her But in her world, things definitely don t ever go as planned The shenanigans that ensure are absolutely hilarious with quite a bit happening that can be categorized as over the top You definitely wouldn t be enjoying this for its believability, but laugh out loud you will I feel terrible for Jason, Milo s brother, because he seems to bear the brunt of her crazy mishaps This story includes a randy grandmother, a reluctant groom, a stint in jail, black eyes, allergic reactions, a fake engagement and loadsfun I enjoyed the crazy this family brought into my reading life Safety h does k

5 StarsThis book is full of shenanigans It s a bit silly and ridiculous, and while I enjoyed it for a while, it started to get on my nerves a bitMilo, our super clumsy, somewhat violent heroine, has spent years pining over her brother s best friend, Colton He was her dragon slayer, and at 16 she tried kiss him, but he rejects her Still crushing on him at 21, she s returning home for her brother s wedding, and decides it s finally time to try to move past her feelings But she wants one thing firstOne kiss and I d be able to bury my diary along with the rest of my desires for Colton I just wanted one instance where he saw me as something other than his little sister Let the chaos begin This story was all o WARNING RANT ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT AHEAD.
The Consequence of Loving Colton was an absolute waste of my time However, it s good to know just how terrible it was because it led me to write this review.
Do you see that cover Do you see it It looks sweet and romantic, doesn t it Calm, nice, and nurturing .
Ha It fooled me Let me inform you this book committed cover fraud The book is a joke Therefore, so should the cover.
The cover should have featured someone climbing a tree, someone falling off a tree, a red ant army, ping pong up somebody s ass, wedding cake in someone s face, and a pool full of beer and weed Just something.
Something ridiculous.
Girl in love with older brother s best friend It slike an obsession than love.
Girl has a hot guy bes Because the little boy who had slain all my dragons when I was little had grown into a man And I loved himMilo is invited to her brother s wedding and she s really anxious about it Mostly because she s going to face Colton again Colton is her brother s best friend and her childhood crush She tried to get over him after an incident a couple of years ago, thinking that she should stop pinning over him, that he would never see her in another way other than Jason s little sister Another embarassing scene takes over during that weekend and she decides to claim that she s dating Max, who is in fact her best friend back at college Max agrees to save her ass and comes over to escort her at the wedding Things get really complicated, trying to save the groom from the evil bride s claws or from his sister s clumsiness that ha Find all of my reviews at to my horrific addiction to NetGalley, I saw The Consequence of Loving Colton a week or so ago My apologies for being so blunt, but I passed it up immediately because that is quite possibly the worst title cover combo I ve seen this year and I automatically assumed it would be awfulbut then Brandi s review said it was a light rom com and that s exactly what I needed so I gave it a shot And guess what It didn t stink But you know what does These f ing trees that are attempting to murder me via sinus drainage Doubt me Looky here to confirm that these mofos do indeed smell like sperm What better thing to inspire a romance read, right I figured Colton would be a story my nearly overdosing on Claritin brain could comprehend, but also one I had a good chance of hatingIt sure didn t Holy crap, I LOVED THIS BOOK I never love ro My Name Is Milo Caro And I Have A Confession To MakeI Ve Been In Love With Colton Mathews Since I Was Five He Should Have Known That Sharing A Cookie With A Sugar Obsessed Little Monster Would Do The Trick It Sealed His Fate So Really, The Fact That He S Sporting A Black Eye, A Limp, Almost Got Ran Over By A Car, And Was Nearly Responsible For Another Person S Death Right HIs Fault Not Mine I Made A Pact With Myself This Weekend Would Be Different I D Come Home For My Brothers Wedding, Smile, And Colton Would Naturally Melt Into My Arms, We D Get Married Have Five Kids, Live In A House By The River, And Get A Dog Named Scratch Clearly I Ve Thought This ThroughWhat Really Happened I Punched My Brother In The Face, Colton Kissed Me And Apologized, I Lied About Having A Boyfriend, Oh And Everyone Wants To Meet The Mystery Man They Say Laughter Always Comes Before Insanity Ha, Ha All I Wanted Was My Brother S Best Friend Instead I M Sitting In Prison Let This Be A Lesson To You All Life Rarely Happens The Way You Want It To Damn Cookie 4 X s and O s starsYou re crazy as hell but you re my crazyMilo has loved Colt ever since she was the little Princess he saved from the evil Dragons But being the little sister of the Dragon Slayer s best friend put her off limits and when she was rejected after their first kiss, he pretty much sealed the dealshe needed to move on, or at least try too Back home for her brother, Jason s twisted shotgun marriage to the She Devil, she has to play nice inways than one Milo is a force to be reckoned with, causing destruction and bodily harm along the way imagine what the consequences would be when she isn t trying to behave Backed into a corner, trying to save face, one little lie is all it takes to set off a series of events that make a entirely unforgettable disastrous weekendLong story, he grumbled But it starts with Milo a If I could describe this book in one word it would beHILARIOUSI haven t laughed so much during a book in a while and when the tears came still from laughing I knew I was in trouble PThis isn t your normal love story because there is no insta love, steamy glances or hot sex What we have is a big and crazy family and even crazier friends that end up in the same house for the weekend and they each have their on agenda.
Milo wants Colton to see her for somethingthan his best friends little sister and if she can get a kiss from him even betterbut getting that kiss only startstroubleColton wants to stay away from Milo because she s his best friends little sister and thinks that nobody would approvebut that s provingdifficult then he thought.
Jason Milo s br

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