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☆ Read ¸ The Dare by Rachel Van Dyken ✓ Grandma Nadine is back, naughtier than ever, sweetie, Grandma dug through her purse and pulled out a tube of lipstick, I m already finished with you You can have all the sex you want You too Jake Oh Beth she tries so hard to calm situations down, but honestly it just doesn t work, right You and your necklace are cursed I patted his back in a motherly fashion You re under a lot of pressure right now It s okay to freak out every once in a while Just take some deep breaths, and we ll get some food in you The girl sure knows how to put herself in awkward positions not that Jace really minds, I realized I was on top of him Straddling him And he was warm And great gods of Asgard, my body savored it Nice thighs He smirked They re strong Mind unleashing me before I have to get both legs amputated from blood loss You don t mess with Jace s woman, he gets I loved this one very much I don t think I ever laughed so much with a book as this one This is who I pictured as granma NadineGrandma Nadine not related to Jace and Beth is a very interesting and funny woman of eighty six years old, well actualy young I wish everyone had a granny like that Except I would really watch my drinks because it s never save with her.
When we learn about the night they met for the first time, it s really special I would ve loved it a bitif the truth about Kerrie came out, because the truth needs to be told And truthfuly I m all for revenge.
It was just the exact read that I needed this time I hope you give it a go and have as much fun as I had.
FromNYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken, Comes The Third And Final Book In The Bestselling Bet Series Boring Beth Lynn Has Always Lived Up To Her Nickname Until She Wakes Up In A Hotel Bed Next To A Sexy As Sin State Senator She Re Connected With At A Wedding The Previous Night The Biggest Problem She Can T Seem To Remember Anything About The Night Before Except For Crying Into A Box Of Cookies, And She S Pretty Sure Grandma Nadine Slipped Something In Her Drink And What Should Have Been A One Night Stand Turns Into A Six Day Adventure When Grandma Whisks Them Off To Hawaii To Save Them From The Ensuing Media Firestorm Jace Isn T Looking For Commitment He Believes He Made That Clear When He Left The Wedding With Beth Then Again, He Can T Remember Much Of Anything Other Than The Way Her Skin Felt Beneath His Hands Now He S Stuck With Her At Some Lame Couple S Retreat And Trying His Hardest To Fight The Attraction Only A Woman Like Beth Could Invoke He Doesn T Think It Can Get Any Worse But One Spider Attack A Donkey Ride From Hell And An Unfortunate Episode With Viagra Tea And There S One Thing Jace Knows For Sure He Should Never Have Agreed To Grandma Nadine S Suggestion In The First Place Because If This Isn T Paradise, And It Isn T A Vacation That Only Leaves One Option Survival But To Make It Through Alive They Might Lose Their Hearts In The Process The Dare by Rachel Van Dyken received ARC from Author for Review 5 STARS SIZZLING The third book in The Bet series completely exceeded any expectations that I had, sitting down to read it A stand alone in the sense of different main characters, it should be read in order to completely understand and appreciate the craziness and hilarity of Grandma Nadine You ve been charged with the kidnapping of a United States senator How do you plead Grandma Nadine smirked Amateurs She winked at the FBI agent and answered saucily, Why, guilty, of course Grandma is at it again, pairing up those who don t think they need pairing, and bringing together people with a past, showing them what is possible when you just jump in and trust in her After what could be potentially the most embarrassing night of their lives, and the most detrimental to Jace s career, they find themselves very stra 3.
5 stars I really liked the first two books in the series, but it felt like this one took the humor and crazy grandma part of the storyline I little too far The serious parts felt lost Just missed the mark.
I was given a ARC in exchange for my honest review Where do I begin This book deservesstars than I can give Rachel is a diabolical mastermind with these books No joke Each book I find myself saying how can her next book get any better,funny and let me tell you, she did NOT disappoint Because she did it Out of all her books and the Bet Series this is my favorite I love each character for differen t reasons and each story was magical and beautiful and perfection and hilarious But The Dare was perfection Grandma was in full form this book and she took her crazy grandma antics to a new level She had one couple left to see happy and she made it her mission to not fail Even getting arrested Grandma is my most favorite fictional character in any book ever She is caring, sweet, hilarious and goes to any lengths for her family Grandma Nadine should be very proud, Rachel She is a beautiful p Loved this one There were a few logistical inconsistencies but I m not gonna get picky I could ve done without all the hem hawing about from Jace I wantedtime together from them, ya know I sure wish she would write another book Love grandma Nadine

This series went out on such a high My heart is so full from these characters and their love stories, yet broken because we have to say goodbye But I have a feeling we haven t seen the last of Grandma Nadine Fingers crossed I read this was the last book in the series and I admit, it makes me a bit sad I ve had a lot of laughs reading this series and this book had me crying tears of laughter as much as the books before it I m going to miss Grandma Nadine She is the heart of these books and the cause of why I have enjoyed the series so much Thank Thor that I own these books so I can revisit grandma when I m in the mood for a good laugh.
Song for summary Faster by Matt NathansonThis was the third and final book of the Bet series, and I have to say, this one was my favourite The characters were charismatic, down to earth, and flawed while the plot was a hilarious romp full of Grandma Nadine s eccentric meddling The author did another excellent job of interweaving all the characters into one big chaotic family Full of fun, romantic misadventures, The Dare is a highly amusing love story that is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face.

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