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[ Read Online Toxic (Ruin, #2) ↠´ climbing PDF ] by Rachel Van Dyken ↠´ OMGG Sequel to RUIN This is Gabe s story I CANNOT WAIT BLURB Everyone has a secret Gabe Hyde is on borrowed time He s been hiding his identity for over four years hidden from the world that used to adore him obsess over him driven to the edge of insanity by one poor choice But that one choice, altered the course of his life forever Pretending isn t all it s cracked up to be, especially when pretending means hiding your real self from the people that care about you the most But if anyone ever discovered the truth it wouldn t just be his life at risk but hers Saylor doesn t hate men Just Gabe Only Gabe He s a reckless, happy go lucky, silver spoon fed pain in her ass Everything about him makes herandconfused Unfortunately they both donate time at the same Group Home If she wasn t afraid of flunking, she d be long gone She hates that she s ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review6 Breathtakingly Beautiful Stars Toxic by Rachel Van Dyken was simply breathtakingly beautiful.
I absolutely love this book I couldn t put this book down and the only time I did was to wipe all the tears shed Toxic was of those books that consumed and owned me If you haven t read Ruin, I highly recommend you do In Ruin, readers were introduced to a Gabe, who was fun, protective, loving, and happy But in Toxic, we are introduced to a different Gabe He is still protective, funny, and loving but this time we get to see another sideBroken, depressed, remorseful, and secretiveGabe s story left me a beautiful mess My heart ached Many tears were shed I really don t want to say much but his story will make you FEEL and it s one of those stories that must be read and experienced to understand Gabe s pain, heartbreak, anguish, shame, guilt, and Everyone Has A SecretGabe Hyde Is On Borrowed Time He S Been Hiding His Identity For Over Four Years Hidden From The World That Used To Adore Him Obsess Over Him Driven To The Edge Of Insanity By One Poor Choice But That One Choice, Altered The Course Of His Life Forever Pretending Isn T All It S Cracked Up To Be, Especially When Pretending Means Hiding Your Real Self From The People That Care About You The Most But If Anyone Ever Discovered The Truth It Wouldn T Just Be His Life At Risk But Hers Saylor Doesn T Hate Men Just Gabe Only Gabe He S A Reckless, Happy Go Lucky, Silver Spoon Fed Pain In Her Ass Everything About Him Makes Her And Confused Unfortunately They Both Donate Time At The Same Group Home If She Wasn T Afraid Of Flunking, She D Be Long Gone She Hates That She S Attracted To Him Almost As Much As He Hates That He S Attracted To Her And She Can Tell, Especially Since Their First Encounter Ended Up Making Her Knees So Weak She Couldn T Form Coherent Sentences For Weeks Afterwards But The Closer She Gets To Him, The Confused She Becomes He Isn T Who He Says He Is, And He S Hiding Something Big What Happen When Two Worlds Collide Two Worlds That Never Should Have Met In The First Place Some Secrets Are Too Big To Be Hidden Forever The Only Question Will His Destroy Everyone He Loves Or Finally Bring About The Redemption He S Been Craving For The Past Four Years Everyone Has A SecretWhat S Yours TOXIC was simply beautiful, it made me laugh, cry, fall in love and mostly gave me hope Rachel, The story of Gabe made me wanna hug him and never let him go Get ready to be blown away Gabe is mysteriously bad ass boy and he definitely has his story to tell And his story is gripping and you will never want to put Toxic down, I guarantee One day, a sunshine comes into his life, in the name of Saylor Saylor was such a strong girl And yet, Gabe struggles Will he let his mind to win Or Will he want to live for himself And your kiss is my salvation.
so Saylor, will you save me And yeah, it s my nickname Why, you into nicknames and role play Shit like that get your engine going I always wanted to know what it would be like t Don t let pain keep you from moving forward It shouldn t stop your progress it should drive itGabe has been running from his past The sarcastic, charming, best friend we met in Ruin has been living a lie, and the truth is coming out Consumed with guilt and pain, Gabe has tried to reinvent himself, but the past is always close on this heels Now after 4 years, he is still broken and the truth he is hiding is consuming him.
Saylor is a music major, intelligent and smart She is completely focused on getting through college and finding a good job, to help provide for her family Her sense of responsibility causes her to live a lackluster life, passionless and predictable Then, everything changes when she hears tortured music coming out of her practice space He is rude, cocky, and irresistibleThat man could be the devil himself and probably was if his earlier behavior was any indication an 3 StarsGIFFY REVIEW ALERT Kimmy was like And Gabe was like.
Wes and Kiersten were all Gabe s pain made me likeGabe was all So Wes was like There was too much of this between Wes and Gabe Which had me going Saylor was all When she thought about Kimmy Gabe was like There was too much of this And this And thisAnd waaay too much of Which made me like thisOverall I liked the book so I rounded it up to 3 Stars.
5 starsIt s always disappointing when I start a review with a HUGE SIGH, but here it is SIGH.
SummarySaylor is the virginal freshman She loves music and the only problem she has is stage fright Saylor s life is warm and bubbly, until she runs into Gabe Gabe is tatted, dark hair and pierced He seems to have a huge chip on his shoulder and is nothing, but intriguing Four years ago, Gabe and his girlfriend get into an accident, which resulted in his girlfriend being mentally and physically handicapped Gabe has never been the same since.
ReviewI m going to be blunt and say this Toxic did not work for me, which is a huge disappointment considering I loved Ruin so much The main problem I had with Toxic was chemistry.
There was absolutely no chemistry between Saylor and GabeHeck, I feltfor Gabe s girlfriend, than I did for Saylor and Gabe s relationship The first half of Toxic is not a roma

4 stars Something happened to Gabe 4 years ago that changed the way he is Holding back his secrets, will he finally open up to Saylor I was a bit confused to begin with but when everything started clicking in place I liked it and I was bracing myself for the inevitable.
Gabe was without a doubt top douchebag of the year loved him But I felt like romance wise Gabe and Saylor feltlike soulmate type friends than lovers and I personally was missing some heart fluttering I wont forget this couple romance.
If you liked Ruin and want a douchey hero, music mixed in, emotional type book, then this book is a perfect choice.
5 starsDeath and love are the only two things that exist in this world that are strong enough to alter the course of your life, of your destiny They either propel you or paralyze you In the end, the choice is always yoursToxic is the second book in Rachel Van Dyken s Ruin series and I may be in the minority, but I actually thought it was better than the first Don t get me wrong, the first book was very good, but there was something about Gabe s story that hit me right in the feels It wasn t so much the romance or the relationship aspect of the story I loved so much, it was mostly just Gabe and his back story that I found interesting and heartbreakingly good Gabe Hyde appears to be like any other college st 4.
5 Toxic StarsReaders don t know who the real Gabe really is He is hiding something pretty big, scratch that, it s HUGE I will not reveal any aspects of his secret, but for me part of his secret it hit too close for home I was crying or choked up pretty much the whole readI was playing a part I was Gabe I would never be him again, I would never be my past again I could be her friend I could be Wes s friend Hell, I could even be a good cousin to Lisa, but I d never end up with anyone My soul mate I d already met herRachel Van Dyken perfectly weaves all the characters in this story without overshadowing Gabe Wes was once again a fantastic friend and he added so much to the story for me Gabe s situation was truly enormous and seemed impossible.
Through the pain and heartbreak delivered through Gabe s piano playing Saylor sees Gabe an

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